Our Programs are specifically designed to address child’s two toughest issues in their fight against poverty:

Staying in school & Succeeding in life by seeing possibilities
beyond their circumstances.


Children who grow up in a situation of poverty experience obstacles and precarious living conditions that do not allow them to break the generational cycle of poverty.

Access to the academic system is one of the biggest obstacles in Colombia, reducing all odds of creating a better life. Even if they get access, most of them are not able to afford the basic expenses to attend classes. Books, school uniforms, and kits for protection against COVID are out of their purchasing power.

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This prevents them from attending classes and delays their academic journey.

For many of these reasons, children are forced to drop out of school to financially support the income at home and are never able to return to school.

Lack of education increases the rates of child exploitation and illiteracy, the probability of being immersed in illicit drugs, teenage pregnancy, and participation in violent activities or vandalism which exposes them to risks in their communities.

How your donation will contribute?

In Colombia, families need to pay for their own uniforms, books, academic articles, transportation, and in some places, school tuition.

These expenses represent a great financial burden for a family in poverty and result in academic delay or school
dropout of children.

Your contribution allows us to provide our children access to education in alliance with Colegio Cisneros (Cisneros’ School) and a support system that allows them to stay in school and successfully accompany them until they graduate from high school.

Your donation includes everything from necessary supplies to academicreinforcement.


In most impoverished communities, children have never seen an example of a person inside their community pulling
themselves out of the poverty cycle, so they can’t even imagine how does it look like to be there or how to do it. That’s why it’s crucial to give children the right mindset, tools to create a lasting change in their life and the confidence that they have what it takes to move forward.

To overcome and pull themselves out of the poverty cycle, the children and their families can regain hope and see opportunities beyond their circumstances. This can be achieved by empowering them to transform this reality.

That’s why we focus on the key thing traditional education fails to teach us all: empowerment, aiming for kids to develop purpose, self-esteem, mindful practices & life skills.

Self-confidence, self-responsibility and aspirations for the future are associated with increasing the chances of overcoming poverty. To get there, we encourage the right values, develop strong life skills and leadership in our children so they can obtain the necessary confidence and motivation to understand their social responsibility to create solutions and transform their own environment.

How your donation will contribute?

The Direct link between empowerment and breaking free from poverty is real.

Growing up in poverty, a child lacks hope and a vision for a future where change is possible and without life skills or coping mechanisms, children will be unable to overcome the challenges of their environment, thus continuing the cycle of poverty for another generation.

That’s where our empowerment program comes in — Through your sponsorship, we will execute on Beyond Education’s own pedagogical project, training our children in values, life skills, mindfulness and our guiding compass will be the creation of their very own life project, which will facilitate the empowerment of our children so they can take control of their lives and create a strong purpose for which to live beyond the circumstances, transforming their reality, their environment and thus breaking the cycle of generational poverty.


they’d otherwise face for a lifetime


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