Our Impact

Our programs are designed to address three of the main needs of children & youth in their fight against poverty:

Beyond Education Foundation is part of the Global Compact Network Colombia and contributes directly to the Sustainable Development Goals:

In the framework of Sustainable Development Goal #17, Beyond Education has partnered with the Francisco Javier Cisneros Educational Institution in Puerto Colombia, Atlántico, a school led by the visionary rector Wilman Pérez Benítez to execute our objectives in the community.

Our Programs

Educational Program

Education Without

Empowerment Program

- Transformed

Entrepreneurship and
Employability Program

Citizens of the World

Educational Program

Education Without Borders

The lack of education, either due to lack of schooling access or due to the huge school dropout rates, prevents the growth and development of children and youth to reach their full potential. It also increases in our communities the child exploitation rates, illiteracy, suicide, drug addiction, gang activities, and unwanted teenage pregnancies ratios. Children and young people are exposed to risk and hopelessness.

The lack of education increases unemployment rates in our communities and therefore the lack of the basic or minimum for survival, forcing children and young people to step into adulthood with extreme mental and economical poverty.

Our Objective

To increase adherence to the educational system in children and youth by enabling benefits and school endowment.

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Empowerment Program

Empowered Transformed

To break the generational poverty cycle; children, youth and their families must regain hope and see opportunities beyond their circumstances, which can only be achieved by empowering them to transform their reality.

In most low-income communities, there are rarely models of success. Children grow up without references of how they can live out of the cycle of poverty. That is why it is crucial to empower communities by giving them the mindset and psycho-affective tools necessary to create lasting change in their lives, as well as fostering confidence that they have what it takes to move forward and become the role models of success that they did not have.

Our Objective

To empower children, youth and their families to be the transforming agents of their reality, via psychoactive tools and through the development of interpersonal skills to drive positive changes in their personality, their mental health and their relationships.

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Entrepreneurship and Employability Program

Citizens of the World

At Beyond Education we believe in the power of soft skills and mindset change as key strategies to change lives. However, we know that soft skills have a limited impact when it comes to employability.

That is why it is our mission to turn our beneficiaries into Colombia’s next generation of leaders by offering them actionable tools.

With this in mind we created three courses that are highly relevant in today’s job market:

Our Objective

To Increase the technical and technological tools for employability and entrepreneurship in children and youth so we can integrate them into the labor market through three verticals highly in sync with the current labor market trends.

English, my passport to the world

In this globalized world, speaking English is a necessity. We offer English training with playful pedagogical strategies so that our beneficiaries can integrate into the labor market speaking the most important language in the world.

Technological geniuses

It is no secret that technology is a key component of the future. Therefore, we train our beneficiaries in Systems Programming Languages so they can develop digital and technical skills for successful integration into the global economy.

Entrepreneurship, sales, and financial education

We offer workshops in sales, financial education, and entrepreneurial projects to stimulate their mindset, encourage self-management and improve their professional skills, making them more employable in the future.

How will your donation contribute?

Your donation today could mean a brighter professional future for Colombian children.

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